Dr. Marsha Lowery

~Whole Body Wellness​~


Mahalo for choosing Dr. Marsha Lowery to guide you and your family on your path to wellness. Whether you are looking for complementary naturopathic care or primary-care, Dr. Lowery can help you achieve optimum health.

Why Naturopathic Medicine?

Patients seek out Naturopathic care for many conditions and symptoms. Naturopathic medicine is a primary-care approach that addresses the cause of illness, removes obstacles to cure, and focuses on restoring health and balance in a patient's life. Click here for more about Naturopahic Medicine

Visits with Dr. Lowery are typically longer than conventional primary-care visits, allowing time for her to truly listen to the patient and to treat the whole person. She provides her patients with personalized treatment plans using a variety of Naturopathic modalities.

Dr. Lowery practices out of Whole Body Wellness in Makawao.